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Launch a Venture

Cultivate an Ecosystem

Innovate and Transform

Cultivate an Ecosystem

A global consumer products company based in Switzerland knew they needed to create a network of innovators across EMEA to stay competitive.  Seeking to accelerate innovation internally, InnoHub designed and delivered an immersive innovation program for senior leaders from key markets and functions. The expeditions to innovation ecosystems such as Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, London and Paris generated new ideas and new partners. By connecting innovation leaders inside with innovators outside, innovation was accelerated to deliver business impact. In addition, the ecosystems brought a new culture and mindset, making innovation a core part of the company's business practices.

Financial Literacy - The Next Generation

A regional Swiss bank identified a significant strategic opportunity and risk: How to engage youth. Innohub was selected to assist the internal innovation team`s search for an innovative solution. The brief was to create an experience that was both appealing to a continually changing segment and a new business route to market for the Bank. Using InnoHub`s unique approach to Design-Driven Innovation, Innohub led a co-creation lab with the bank’s business leaders to design and develop an experience that would achieve the banks strategic goals. The result was a disruptive business model and digital platform to build long-term relationships with youth, their parents, and community organizations. Following enthusiastic feedback from the business, InnoHub launched startup NextG!

An immersive approach to innovation

A global bank was proud of the digital platform created to optimize the advisory services for private clients. It was defined as a business critical initiative to create competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and digitalized market. However, the changes required were radical – end to end processes required redesign, and RM`s were reluctant to adopt the platform. InnoHub was asked to advise the bank on how to overcome these challenges and achieve the intended business impact.  Together with the Bank, InnoHub established a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to manage the transformation. Enabled by robust change management methodologies and tools, the team was able to accelerate a successful implementation. The DTO soon became the strategic enabler for the global digital transformation of the bank.


Lead The Industry [Reg-Tech - bringing together the key players]

Before Reg-Tech became a buzzword, InnoHub organized and facilitated the first swiss Reg-Tech conference (see website). In partnership with SwissCom, InnoHub convened some of the biggest names in Regulation and Finance to Zurich to discuss digital innovation and its impacts on regulation policy and practice. The conference brought together over 50 of the top managers and policymakers in Europe. Speakers representing public sector, banking and technology, discussed and evaluated how emerging technologies can empower more effective regulation and compliance. Participant feedback validated that the conference achieved its goal of bringing together the key players and discuss for the first time the need to bridge the gap between technological capabilities and how they can be leveraged for compliance in the real world, and generating demand for additional RegTech Innovation conferences going forwards.  

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