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Launch a Venture

Cultivate an Ecosystem

Innovate and Transform


Cultivate an Ecosystem

Innovation today depends on who is in your network, either inside or outside the enterprise. An innovation ecosystem can be the primary source for new ideas, new markets, new talent, and funding. With state-of-the-art business intelligence, trend scouting and forecasting of future scenarios, InnoHub helps find the right partner for your future success. Our extensive international network plays a vital role in bringing you key insights to the future of your industry, in your region and tailor-made to your organization's needs. To leverage the trends and talent in today's marketplace, and bring this value inside your organization, InnoHub`s services include:

  • Global hubs Expeditions

  • Building corporate Innovation labs 

  • Talent network

  • Building delivery centers

  • Ecosystem management

Innovate and Transform


If innovation was easy, everyone would innovate. InnoHub`s experience innovating within organizations brings insight to the challenges facing leaders to disrupt current ways of thinking and doing. Today, successful innovation requires new leadership, teaming and culture. Creating a future based on agility, supported by a tolerance for ambiguity, can pivot and organization to continually innovate. With our deep cross-cultural experience in developing organizations skills, growing leadership competencies, and stimulating cultural change, InnoHub`s services include: 

  • Business Transformation Strategy & Planning

  • Organizational impact assessments and planning

  • Innovation Implementation Methodologies and guideline tools

  • Innovation training for corporate innovation teams

  • Holistic and interdisciplinary innovation leadership development programs

  • Innovation culture and mindset programs

Launch a Venture


As a corporate innovation accelerator, InnoHub offers companies the capability to create business impact. Launching a Venture is a practical way to deliver on the innovation ROI. We start with strategic priorities and market insights to inform the business challenges that require innovation. These directions guide a co-creation process, informed by Design-Driven innovation, to identify customer-critical use cases and cutting edge technologies that can solve the challenges.  Our development teams can partner or independently develop MVPs that power profitable businesses. To create scalable solutions that generate sustainable business impact, InnoHub`s services include:​​

  • Discover a critical business problem

  • Design a prototype to visualise the solution

  • Build an MVP with business owners

  • Conduct user testing and collect feedback

  • Develop the business model, including funding

  • Explore investment model options

  • Launch and Scale up the startup

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